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05 August 2008 @ 02:42 am
Free Challenge Voting  
Voting Rules
*Watch the whole video
*Vote based on the video itself not the fandom and/or couple
*Vote for which video you believe is made the best
*Don't Vote for yourself

If you have any trouble viewing any of the videos leave a comment and we'll try to help you out.


Download it: here
Title: Logan and Veronica - A Thousand Miles
Song: A Thousand Miles
Artist: Vanessa Carlton
Details: Duration: 2:04
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Characters/Ship: Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars.
Summary: IMPORTANT TO READ STORY INFO BECAUSE I DECIDED TO TELL THE STORY BACKWARDS FOR A LITTLE BIT. Dedicated to Jordan. Veronica gets the chance of a lifetime to join the FBI. She tells Logan that she got the job and will be gone for 4 years to go training in Quantico, Virginia, which is miles away from Neptune, California. Logan doesn't want to take the pain of not seeing Veronica for 4 years, so he breaks up with her, but thinks he might have may a mistake. Throughout the video, the black and white moments are memories :). When Veronica's training in Quantico for 4 years is up, she gets situated in an FBI field office in Los Angeles. Will things change between her and Logan?
Any Spoilers? Yes, if you didn't watch all 3 seasons of "Veronica Mars" and you want to watch it.


Download it: here
Title: You Raise Me Up
Song: You Raise Me Up
Artist: Michael Ball
Details: Size: 22.3 MB Duration: 4:05 File type: wmv
Fandom: Remington Steele
Characters/Ship: Steele and Daniel
Summary: Aged fourteen, a homeless, unwanted pickpocket was caught in the act by sophisticated conman Daniel Chalmers. Daniel taught him everything he knew and also allowed him for the first time in his life, to have a loving father figure. This vid looks at their twenty year friendship from Steele's point of view.


Download it: here
Title: Pondering Murder
Song: N/A
Artist: N/A
Details: Duration: 2:16
Fandom: Dallas
Characters/Ship: JR/Sue Ellen
Summary: There comes a point in some dysfunctional relationship where you either have to strangle him or kiss him. After pondering the thought, Sue Ellen comes to the conclusion that although he might be a son of a bitch at least he's a hot son of a bitch.


Download it: here
Title: Men of Their Word
Song: Mon of My Word
Artist: Colin Raye
Details: Size: 21 MB Duration: 3:20 File type: wmv
Fandom: Doctor Who / Stargate SG1
Characters/Ship: Tenth Doctor, Daniel Jackson, with Rose and Sha're
Summary: After the Doctor and Daniel lose the women they love they have to go on, but they're still true to their love.
Any Spoilers? SG1 through Meridian, Doctor Who through Utopia

Leave a comment with your favorite two videos in order like this
First Place: 05
Second Place: 03
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