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videochallenge's Journal

Fan Video Challenge
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Weekly Fan Video Challenges

Welcome to Video Challenge

Hi welcome to videochallenge, if you're a new member, feel free to join so you can enter or just vote. Read through the rules below and if you have any questions, just comment on any posts or and we'll get back to as fast as we can.
About the Challenge

videochallenge is a weekly fan video challenge like the common icon challenges. You will be given a theme such as an emotion, a song, b&w and so on, you will be given a week to make a video of your chosen fandom using the theme then members will vote for their favorite.

New Challenge: Tuesday
Voting: Monday
Results: Wednesday

1. You may submit one video a week.
2. Your video must be at least 45 seconds long and no longer then 6 minutes.
3. You must upload your video to Youtube.com or zshare.net, mediafire.com, box.net or megaupload.com.
4. You must have Embedding enabled on your enter if you upload onto youtube.
5. You must follow the theme given.
6. You may chose whatever show/movie/celebrity/book/musician you want to use in your video.
7. Your video can be either video clips or pictures.
8. You may use whatever song you'd like (unless it's a song themed week).
9. Leave a comment on the challenge post with the given form filled out.
10. Do not vote for yourself.
11. Unlike an icon challenge your entry will not remain anonymous, so you are allowed to ask people to vote for you.
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